To me, it seems like the rise of distributed systems like mesos / kubernetes combined with Docker require you to be master sysadmin, veteran kernel hacker and a part time c developer ALL AT ONCE if you really want to shave off time from debugging/ performance tuning sessions. Anyone wish they paid more attention in class ? Lol.

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    My classes mostly taught me that I can't unshit myself very well with just Google and the basics of how a computer/OS is running.
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    Well build the app first then on to the deployment and infrastructure.
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    @skonteam app is already built :) for about 8-9 years now. I use to work on the backend side... but now doing ops. Moving it over to mesos and debugging the entire system now is my new task :)
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    I've been enjoying docker for some time but it makes me wanna punch the table sometimes 😂
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