I have a bunch of numbers and I need to draw a chart. How to do it....hey, I have Excel! So, I'll just select the lines from text file....and copy/paste that to excel...Clickety-click through the import wizard and viola!

"I imported the numbers and set them to dates!"

No. Just numbers. But ok, I'll select to format to "general".

"Ok! You numbers are now 0.33343, 0.939393 etc.!"

No no, I just want the original numbers. Let's delete everything and import again. I'll pre-set the cells to "text" just to be sure...

"Ok! I imported your dates and set the cell format to shit!"

WTF you dumb fuck. Just paste the numbers like I wanted! They are *not* dates...Click-click-click....

"Dates added and the format is your local format that you never set and never wanted!"

<tearing hair from my head> God damn holy fuck.

And every time you go through the same import "wizard" tabs. More like import retard.

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