There should be one day a year when random spam emails become true when you click on them.

It should be random for everyone so you never know what day it is and also happen instantly when you click on message.

World would be full of millionaires, guys with enormous penises. Everyone will eat food all the time cause you can lose all of your unnecessary weight with single click and whole internet will flood with spam emails.

Instead of scrolling trough news and social networks people would click on spam emails waiting for the day their spam will be fulfilled.

Economy would eventually collapse and most of us would be no different than monkey in some crazy experiment waiting for it’s banana.

It can be called fulfilled spam message paradox.

It would be funny alternative reality.

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    Well shoot, I go to great lengths to block spam domains and unsubscribe from as much crap as possible.

    Although I did win 850million today from a UK lottery for Lost Government Funds.
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    Cool idea but if it happens there will be fake spam bots which their spam mails never become true. So we will end up with spam spam mails and it makes whole idea meningless.
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    @hack this could become whole industry then with companies offering their proved spam services, spam resellers etc.
    I think there even might be spam exchange, spam options and spam mortgages
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