I tried to connect my PC to wifi and windows just completely broke ffs

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    I switched to Ethernet yesterday.
    Also, define "broke windows"
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    @Ranchu disabling the proxy connection froze the settings window and disconnected wifi. I re-opened it and it was taking ages to change tabs and no longer had a wifi tab, although all other apps were fine. The taskbar wifi drop-down button was also no longer working, so I thought I should restart the taskbar process, but then it refused to start back up and I had to turn my PC off.

    Ofcourse, Windows troubleshooter told me there was nothing wrong with me wifi.
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    @LavaTheif What the Fuck.
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    Not unusual behaviour from Windows.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Windows was checking updates or doing something similar that broke when you did your thing.
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    same, bro

    just got a new pc
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    Sounds about right.
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