Developers switched from Windows to Macs because monkey-boy Ballmer claimed to want Developers whilst doing his best to drive us away - and Macs were a Unix laptop "That Just Worked".

Now we are going to have a MacBook "Pro" that doesn't even an Escape-key.

Great news for manufacturers of Windows ultrabooks - Asus and Dell must be rubbing their hands with glee!

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    You're probably overestimating the amount of developers out there to be honest. Just because a few devs don't buy their new MacBook, it doesn't mean millions of dollars in profit for them. _Maybe_ tens of thousands... But that's a drop in the ocean for large hardware manufacturers.
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    Yep. I considered getting the new MBP as my next laptop(and first Mac). But 2000€ just for the 13'' base configuration?

    With that money I might as well buy the new Surface Book.
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    I'm looking for a mbp. Looks like I'll have to go with previous model
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    @drRoss Oh I know we are a minority of the market. But because we actually write the software in the first place we are a highly significant section of the market - we will make sure our software works perfectly on our machines, which are now less likely to be "It just works" Macs....
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