There's this thing that I'm experiencing when it comes to fighting with someone in terms of physical activity.

I mean I'm not doing that anymore, but in the past whenever I was in such a situation, it felt like something took control over me and I enjoyed beating the enemy infront of me.

I felt like I was a completely different person than I am when I am not fighting. Idk how to explain it. I searched the net and couldn't find it there either.

It seems like this is a rare case.

It might be dumb to ask it and knowing that it might be dumb to ask this and to continue to ask this might make me seem ignorant, but I am in need of knowing what's happening.

If anyone's experiencing the same thing or if someone knows what's happening, I am all ears.

Edit: In the moment of this strange thing taking control over me, I felt no pain or less pain, when I got hit, than in "normal mode". Idk if it is something psychological or spiritual.

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    Name checks out :p
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    Adrenaline kicks in the "fight or flight" mode. Increased muscle power, reduced pain sensitivity, tunnel vision, and switching off rational thought are some of the effects. Pair that with the testosterone level found in healthy men, even more so in young men, and that's what you get.

    Some cultures called this "berserker rage", and it was treated as gift in battle. Sometimes paired with spiritual aspects like wearing bear fur. Or heightened with certain herbs.

    Though that wasn't helpful when dealing with well-organised enemies who relied on drilled military discipline, which is why the Germanic tribes usually lost against Roman legions.
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    @Fast-Nop @rutee07 thanks for the explanation, but what about the part of me enjoying beating the shit out of people.
    Even just the slightest thought of me slaughtering someone who did bad things to someone or something, makes me feel awesome.
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    @alexbrooklyn haha thanks I guess
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- As for feeling awesome when thinking about beating the shit out of bad people - I thought this is normal?!
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    @Fast-Nop thanks for the sanity check. And here I was thinking to myself that I've gotten completely insane lol
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- I mean, I don't actually do that because of the legal issues.

    The street-tested way would be to attack brutally and without warning while the other one is still talking himself up, and then beating him to shit without ever giving him any chance to get back into the game. I also know street versions of some judo throws that will end with bone fractures.

    The problem is that while this works in the street, it won't fly in the court afterwards. No judge would believe that this was self-defence. That means both penal conviction and civil liability.
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    There is such thing as the warrior gene. Wether, how and how much it kicks in, would be of your research.

    As far as it adds to your sanity / health, why not keep it up?
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    @scor thanks. I'll look it up.

    "Why not keep it up?" Sorry, I didn't understand that part.
    May you rephrase it, please?
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    @Fast-Nop yeah, the laws are holding me back from doing many things as well. Not worth the risk of going into jail.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- And that's real strength - I mean, not letting your emotions kick you into shit, but to keep control and keep the consequences in mind.
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    By keeping it up I meant practising fighting sports.

    I think if situations as such do feel like relief or even vacation, it'd be mostly natural to be good for you.

    I felt the vacation thing in consulting directors. When I got back from four days of international debate on fiscal and social politics I was pumped for at least two weeks.

    Some friend was into medieval swords fight. Which is intense (also physically) and on the forerun with world championships in fortresses.
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    @scor yes, I can second this.

    Stuff like boxing and muay thai is such a damn relief.

    Jogging helps, too, but is not as effective as doing self defense or pure offensive (boxing) type of sports.
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