I gave this damn fly three chances. Once, when it came into my room to leave on its own. Once when I captured it and let it go outside of my window. And once when I found it on one window, opened the other and shooed it with a shoe to leave.

And it came back.

And that was it. My mercy was over.

So I'm sorry it's dead now. It fought bravely. But nobody gets to live in my house without paying me rent or hugs.

RIP fly.

Also, fucks sake, it is the fly season again? Urghhhhh!

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    You misunderstood, when she tried to land on you, actually wanted to give you a hug 😂
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    @myss Sometimes, flirt attempts just go bad.
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    The fly just wanted to schmooze you 😢
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    We have a moth problem here.
    Pantry moths.

    They're incredibly stupid creatures that can barely even fly where they want to go, and yet often seem to deliberately fly into your food and scoot around just to cover it in their dust before getting completely stuck and dying in it.

    I used to be nice and catch them and take them outside, but when they started to infest not just the bird trays but our date sugar and nuts and flours? My mercy ended. Now it's fly swatter, vacuum, or the cooking torch. Sometimes all three. 😡

    Most days I kill around twenty moths. Sometimes as high as fifty. (Or as low as twelve)
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    @myss thats brutal.
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    @myss it actually never tried that. 😕 At first it would sit still somewhere nearby, which is why it was easy to capture him.
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    @Root Do you wear your vacuum cleaner as a backpack to free your hands for the other weapons?
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    Yesterday it was flies, today it is pigeons. Why the fuck do all these animals like my poor apartment? 😢
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    @NoMad Just be glad it isn't roaches.
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    @Lor-inc fuck those! I have had my fair share of dealing with roaches and I hate them with absolute passion.
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    How are u able to do so much.
    Couple of weeks ago a fly came to my house. Buzzed around freely like she lives here. Keeping windows open didn’t work, fruitless shooing and swatting made me half crazy, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t touch her once......she left on her own in three days when she got bored or smth...
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