You know that you made it as dev when you realize that your creation has ability to effect your life also the life of others

It came to me much earlier in life ( college final semester)
F: Hey there is this girl that i am trying to talk but she never replies me on Facebook i waste to much time looking for her online status , i wish if i can say hi as soon as she comes online
HF: (first reaction) leave her alone man , ( dev reaction) hmm fb probably be using jabber protocol like xmpp I could make xmpp client and sync online status. If status changes drop a notification also the asmack lib provides a way to send msg to user in your chat room sooo we good !!

At the time i was handling 3 android app , implemented this and called it FacebookStalker , you can select who you wanna stalk and what msg you wanna send them as soon as they come online

Google obviously didn’t liked it
for a long time i judged myself that How can i can make this creepy app
Later I realized that it was not the app i was suspended because i used a DRM marked image as icon

Google never tells you the actual reason why your app is suspended so you cannot fix it.

I learned to be mindfull of what i code cause it started having real impact. Loosing dev account was like loosing everything at that point. i had nothing else

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    Publish your APK directly on GitHub ... Full Google
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    @Linux Not required man I realized that android is just a crappy piece of software that is awfully fragmented and i be wasting my time too much to support the older phone and updating depreciated apis
    Also whole thing fucks up if a third party api you using is depreciated in new version , i quit that shit 4 years ago !!
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    Affecting life of yourself and others is easy, just stab them with a knife. It's all about the outcome.

    Recommended video: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    So at no point had it crossed your mind that implementing and releasing to the public a literal stalking app might have been a bad idea? Regardless of any DRM-protected content usage?

    And then we act surprised and outraged when we get exploited for our data, or when that data gets leaked...
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    @endor I already admitted that it was wrong on my part. This app had a huge potential for acting as a tool for bullying. ( did you even read the whole thing ?)
    new idea is like a cocane all your neurons starts firing, dev juice starts flowing in your body. Everything gets blurry !!
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    Oh my god you ignorant dumb fucks !!
    It works on jabber protocol

    It’s not like you can stalk anyone you can only stalk people who added you a friend in Facebook ( doesn’t make it right )

    Here is code have at it ya peasants
    (6 years old code , thread lightly)
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    @hardfault yes I read it, and I thought that you started thinking about the consequences of your code only after Google removed the app from the store.

    If that's how you act every time you get a new idea, I suggest learning some self-control and getting into a healthy habit of introspection. Evaluating the potential consequences of your actions *before* executing them is a very important life skill.

    I don't know who you are referring to with the "ignorant dumb fucks", but I'll assume it was a comment that has been downvoted/deleted.
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    Apple isn't any better, but at least they are not as agressive as Google from my experience.

    Apple does reject for stupid reasons, but they do tell you where you went wrong.

    Google just links to their million rules assuming you memorize them by heart or have lots of time to read instead of throwing a one line statement like Apple that tells what exactly is wrong.

    Bottom line, they care about Money and nothing more, whatever is effecting it will be gone. They play fool on you.

    Check for example Duo reviews on the store, found several comments saying: I disable the damn thing and it gets back installed on my device

    And what does Google say: Here is a link for how to disable an app, go do it (again)
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    @endor i called “dumb” all people who liked your comment and you too

    Because you guys are acting like one.

    You don’t understand how these things work and their is no question about privacy violation here like you mentioned in last comment

    I don’t think you got the brains to understand

    Also you sound like one of those cancel culture fuck heads because even when I mentioned that i am mindful about my code now , you still had a need to reply saying “ learn some self control and healthy habits of introspection “ like I don’t already know it 🙁

    Done with this shit dude, bottom line if you don’t understand what the app is actually doing don’t comment escalating the situations that you don’t fucking understand

    Please fuck off
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    @gitpush yep apple is way better than google , when issue came in App store , i got assigned a developer relationships guy (real human not AI) he told me what exactly is wrong.

    Google completely went AI mode , i tried to talk the play store support and explain my situation but no response
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    @hardfault and I don't thing you got the brains to understand that most of stalking and bullying comes from people directly related to the victim.

    You're so intelligent that you didn't understand my comment about privacy violations and data leaks was referring to people doing things without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

    No surprise you're thumping your chest like a monkey and insulting other people's intelligence and technical competence without even knowing them.

    And you're trying to tell me you already know about self-control and introspection?
    Fuck you
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    @endor quit it idiot!! I am tired of explaining and you are too dumb it’s not working

    Last try
    1. Xmpp is a auth based protocol
    2. Facebook uses Xmpp for Facebook chat
    3. Every-time you login facebook yo get a Xmpp id , that means that it’s protected by Facebook username and password
    4. After login you can only chat with added friends the same way 3rd party chat client like iMessage work
    5. Even Facebook give you notification when someone comes online ( if you set it too)
    6. Even in the claims i was accused for IP Theft and impersonation, there is no talk about privacy violations
    7. I never said i am intelligent I just called you dumb because your talking ......:.......:::::::333?: ah too tired for this fuckk of man !!
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    I understand that google removed your app since you act like someone that people would want to remove.
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    @Linux I don’t understand how just my app would imply that. The word “act” infer that they had a actual communication with me. If they don’t communicate they can’t know what “i act like “ ?
    I am arrogant i know that.
    google removed me because they had power to and i made a mistake regarding IP. Not because of nature or behavior traits as others are mentioning
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    @Linux i have a small fictional story
    There was tribe that wanted to clear the forest but cutting trees was against their rule. The head of tribe thought of a new idea. He said it’s duty of every tribe member to goto the tree and say slur words , diminish it and “act like you don’t care and you want to remove them”. trees started dying

    Moral here is that online when somebody accepts their mistakes and try to be truthful and vulnerable people like you and @endor start commenting things like this , shamming and double correctly making that person think that he is still wrong and pathetic. This sends that person in defense mode.
    That’s the “acts you’re seeing”

    There’s no problem though it’s hard to empathize if you have not gone through same condition
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    How the fuck did this thread become so political so quick. OP expressed in the initial post that it was a bad idea.. enough said and yet some of you get self righteous and preachy. Seriously, leave that shit at the app door.
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    @badcopnodonuts It's about ethics and humility, not politics. Original posts considers the app a bad idea because OP lost their dev account which was important for them, not because the app was designed for stalking (and I did "read the whole thing", twice to make sure). Later in comments OP agrees that it probably wasn't a great idea, but then again they try to defend it because it was only using publicly available APIs.
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    Wrong @gronostaj i mention saying “how can i make this creepy app”
    Also if you see conversations in original post the first reaction was “leave her alone”

    These both line indicates that i knew that it’s a bad idea, i went through it for sake of technology , learning

    I don’t understand why people don’t see that !!
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    @hardfault I know how XMPP works, but it's irrelevant. The fact that something is possible using existing technology provided by 3rd party doesn't make it ethically sound.
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    @gronostaj going through the original post twice is not enough to understand the context

    1. App is called FacebookStalker to emphasize what you will be doing after installing is “stalking”

    2. Even though is name has Stalker in it it’s basically a chat client you can do all the same things that app is doing just by installing any chat client

    3. Point here is about not about ethics and humility it’s about intentions and as i said even in original post and several other comments that I knew this was the bad idea from beginning

    Whole point of the post was to accept that as a dev at a point consequence of your development becomes important

    But the people keep telling me that i am shithole that just wanted to make a stalking app !!
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    @gronostaj sorry i had edits in my comments i am typing like 2 yr old ( my English)

    Anyways answered your question in the latest one , what’s you take on that do you think all xmpp chat client are stalking apps ?
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    I'm not trying to state anything about you as a person, sorry if you felt like I do. I'm only condemning your past behavior. If you understand now that it was not okay, then that's great.

    I still feel like you're shifting the responsibility to the users though. Yeah, the app explicitly had "Stalker" in name, but why would that make you innocent? Users are consciously agreeing to stalk others, but it doesn't change the fact that you're providing them with tools built exactly to do so. I get it that it was also a chat. The problem is that it was _not just a chat_.
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    @gronostaj agree with the last line, and hence my point about intentions
    See we can make a knife but if sell it as a killing device makes us bad, selling it to cut vegetables make us good

    I mentioned in the original post that “how can i make this creepy app” and even before google case “leave her alone”
    Do you think this lines were not enough to point out that out that i had a realization that it was a bad idea
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    @hardfault Fair enough, that shows that you were aware that it's wrong. It was just irresponsible of you to follow up on this idea. Don't get me wrong, we've all done stupid and irresponsible things - dev related or not. Hopefully we've learnt from these mistakes and prevented further damage.
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