I feel like a piece of shit because I don't want to help my "friend" who has been faking being a web developer for years. He now has a real project he must develop that actually requires writing code (It's a serious project that requires real Javascript skills) and he's basically fucked.

He usually would hop on the web and download a template, edit it and get paid. But then again I don't want to help him because he always comes to me and I do all the work and save his ass while he does nothing.

I'm in a rock and a hard place right now because I'm also a dev and I actually have a lot of work to do, unlike his lazy ass.

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    I thought the saying went: "Fake it until you make it" not
    "Fake it and let your friend do it for you" 🤣
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    Up your rates. If you are doing pro bono then he isn't your friend. Sounds like a "user".
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    @Demolishun I'm not gonna do any coding this time. I'll try to guide him and the rest is up to him.
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    How does one NOT bother to learn even a minimumal amount of Javascript after doing that for years... like, not even jQuery/Bootstrap??!!

    I'd send him right to the MDN docs and say "there ya go, fucking LEARN it!!!!"

    At least start of with learning the basic essential shit like click events, forms, alerts, the dev console, etc.

    If my friends just did all my challenging tasks and let me fake my way through life without putting in the sweat/blood/tears
    required for operating on a real level I'd fucking HATE them if I was to found out. Be a good friend- get your buddy to start grinding away to be a truthy, not a falsey!
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    @null-pointer-ex let him get fucked. People like this are what drive our rates down and destroy some people's opinion on us. I've even seen "webdev" companies that write on their website they won't use WordPress but instead do it the right way, but still use WordPress once you ask for a quote.... Fuckers.
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