Client: i want payment integration without using any of those 3rd party gateways like 2checkout.

Me: uhmmm, any reason you cant use those gateways?

Client: its more professional


they also take percentages on every transaction !

Me: ... *closes chat*

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    I kinda agree, 2checkout is expensive.

    Up to 6%+60c per transaction is steep.

    But no, you don't homebrew a payment system, that's asking for more trouble then the fees are worth.
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    @C0D4 Eh, didn't the guy mean using payment gate provided by his bank instead of some other service? Those are usually not so cool looking and are harder to implement, but they make the job done securely, professionally and with almost none fees.
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    @hitzoR it could go either way, missing context from OP.

    Every now and again I get the "why can't we store the credit card on file for later" questions.
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    @C0D4 Yeah.. can't you store them so you can authofill the form next time a user comes to my site?! Nah, he doesn't need to be logged in, you should just know who it is.. o.O
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