Just started reading Cracking the Coding Interview and I just can't help but think this whole thing is a joke. The author can't even give a convincing argument why learning algorithm is important for interview. She simply states word for word: it is what it is.

I google her a bit and find that she started her venture Careercup.com and the website is such a joke. How can you even call yourself a software engineer with a website like that. I am pretty sure she using some kind of wordpress engine.

I can't imagine how many people that work at FANG companies that think like her..

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    But she is right. If you want to work for Big-Tech companies, and this is what they ask in interviews, then you need to learn it in order to pass.
    It's not like she invented this filtering process, she just gave people tools to prepare better.
    You don't get to work for 3 Big-Tech companies if you are a poor engineer. Your contempt for her is misplaced.
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    As I said before: filtering down the masses of applications to a manageable level without running the risk of a discrimination lawsuit. Even after filtering, they STILL have plenty of choice.

    I wouldn't even apply at one of these companies because the effort for the application process together with the low odds of getting a job there even if I pass don't give enough expected return value to me.

    Which is another point of the process: deterring even more people from applying in the first place.
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    @Fast-Nop I agree with you. I reposted this because what you mentioned before about devrant.
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    @NickyBones You are right. I am just a little disappointed that this is basically what the interview process is: filtering down the number of job applications.
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    @foniho I know friends who ran away from these companies after 6 months. Because the stress was unreal, 13 hours workday on the regular. Given that this is what these companies expect from their employees, this crazy filtering system makes sense. You will only prepare for interviews for 4 months if your lifelong dream is to work for Google, and then you will be willing to sacrificing your life for the company. They are looking for ultras.
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    @foniho That's the whole point of the interview process, also in all other companies. It's just that its implementation can be different.
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    @NickyBones That makes sense. Sound like banking to me. Lots of people drop off as well.
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    @foniho In my (admittedly limited) experience there's signs the big banks are starting to learn from their mistakes - hours seem saner, offices nicer, culture more relaxed. They've *had* to move like that because they're not the cool companies to work for anymore, and good candidates are passing them by as a result.

    I suspect it won't be long before the big 4 (and companies like them) will have to do the same thing. I'd say there's already some warning signs that their process isn't working nearly as well as they'd like, and there's way too many other cool companies out there with saner interview processes (and work life balances.)
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