The year is 2030. Apple have attached cameras to their new glasses models.
Jobs at risk due to people leaking footage of their friends' jokes made with little thought.

No one is safe. Everyone is cancelled.

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    Keep up. Jobs can't be at risk, he died years ago now.
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    Only thing I notice from that picture is than clock is written to wrong direction
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    I thought it was meant to have LiDAR and not actual camera's?
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    Thanks to google we allready have a word for that.

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    @frogstair this would get me onboard.

    There's a new Apple patent for a in-headset vision correcting system that eliminates the need to wear prescription lenses beneath an augmented reality device. The patent proposes built-in optics that rectify vision issues like astigmatism and nearsightedness.


    Plus being 1/3 the price of the Google Glass is a deal maker for me.

    @heyheni I want to whore, I'm not a whore. $1500 for the Google Glass was it's undoing.
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    Your face is just everyone else's clock. #TheFutureIsMeow
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    @SortOfTested After seeing your "hashtag" I feel the need to send you this gif (you need to listen to it!)

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    @amatrelan the technology works on a reflection that makes the virtual image of the content, ideally it won’t be visible at all on the other side, but if visible that is the correct orientation
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    @frogstair because now I don't need to stare at my phone all day to receive my daily stream of content, it's already on my head!
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