What kind of office do u prefer working at?
1. Big open space (with tables and no separations)
2. Open space with cubicles
3. Medium room (3-5 ppl)

And did ur preference change due to covid?

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    Max. of two-three workers in one room.

    No cubicle, no large rooms, nothing like that.

    Even an open space can be divided into several rooms, but it's necessary to add sound insulation.

    Otherwise - I won't work at that company.

    Open space is just plain dumb, noone can focus and there's no privacy.

    Cubicles... Are just... A way of making things even worse (laying hen)…

    I don't have a fucking clue how someone could work in such an environment, I just hate it....

    Edit: and I was always like that.

    Room concepts make sense, especially structure wise.
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    No I'm just wondering, cause many times management makes a decision on the office, and devs have no say.. and i wonder what would work for most devs, given the choice.

    I'm conflicted myself.. cause in a small room, you'd better find your self with fun ppl to be around, and there might be less funny moments as with a larger group... But in open space, no privacy and u need to be able to zone out to focus on ur work, but the vibe can be more fun
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    I like having my own. I can just get out on a short break if I need a distraction
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    I prefer single offices. They don't even have to be large, just give me a door to shut when concentrating. Works much better than noise cancelling headphones, telling people to shut the fuck up and so on.

    Other than that I'm largely in agreement with @IntrusionCM, with the difference that I rank cubicles just a bit better than truly open plan offices. At least they block visual distractions.

    I always thought that way, WFH just confirmed my opinion. As did books on that matter. The one I keep recommending is Peopleware. It makes a compelling case for minimizing distractions for us knowledge workers, backed by multiple studies and examples.
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    My own personal cabinet where I can jerk off and play darts while at work
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    I would personally do all three in intervals. Sometimes its fun to sit around your colleagues and throw paper aeroplanes.
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    I prefer offices with 2-4 ppl working on the same stuff with an open space available for meetings and breaks. And I need my own desk permanently. Open concept, cubicle, and shared desk companies have to find their employees somewhere else.
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    Open space with cubicles
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