Does anyone know how in Movies and TV shows do all those computer sites/software are done?
Like when we see a cia mission room for example, and there after agents running a face recognising and get 50 popups with information, or location some secret hide out place and super cool screen with 10 widgets show us location..
That can't be real.. But i have no idea how it's done.. is it green screen replaced later with fake video, or something similar? Please help, I MUST KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

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    I am just guessing here but they could be running the video in the full screen mode.
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    @mr-user I second this. Always thought it was just an animation or something that they're playing
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    And they build a simple static page to search internet showing the results the plot demands. No latency, no JavaScript problems
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    I considered that it was video before, but then the actor needs to type/click at the right time.. its not worth the effort..

    The animation on key press sounds a bit more realistic

    Having a hard time believing that those are real html pages.. maybe the "google searches" for zoomed in shoot, are.. but did anyone ever hear about devs doing sites for movies?

    I actually thought it was green screen.. but yes with camera movement i do see how that might make it harder.. although i have zero knowledge in that..

    It's just such a big part of many shows/movies.. not sure how it's not widely known how it's done 😕
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    Since we didn't heard of any developer doing website for movie , let rule out that options.

    The next thing I could think of is an animation which change based on click. When the click is detected,change from one video file to another video file.

    That kind of thing could be easily be done by animator and what does movie industry have? Animator.
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    I have posted your question in other place (hope you don't mind about it)

    According to "Richard Footman" (user name) who had said that he had work on movie industry.He had work on the "cut scenes of GTA 4" (GTA is a game right?).

    He said those scene are make with Photoshop program.
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    @mr-user wow 😂
    Thanks!! I guess that's it guys.. im switching careers to photoshop engineer (fullstack)
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    Video would make sense, considering how many times a take has to be done before it's decent
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    Im thinking of both. Videos for screens with (with the actir random typing) and without human interaction, custom applications for clicking interaction, and sometimes real pentetesting tools like nmap and metaspliot.
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    People created fun websites like https://hackertyper.net/ or https://geektyper.com/ that imitated the hilarious hacking in some movies. Interestingly, some films even used them for their "hacking scenes".
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    AFAIK many movies use power point presentations
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    There are a few options, the first is a simple animation which is played on the screen. The second (and perhaps more common) is to have the screens show a simple tracking pattern which is later replaced with whatever in post. To my knowledge actual custom software (or PowerPoints) isn't used, because it doesn't look as good as option 2 (because reflections), and thanks to option 2 they can match actions perfectly later.

    Source: I've done visual effects work.
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    Let me introduce you to GeekTyper
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    I can't remember the movie, but those agents had Renoise on their screen 🤣
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    @vocuzi wow! Thanks for sharing
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    I thought it was a video, but the animation seems more realistic. I'm more interested in this thing, if some films use PowerPoint presentations, how they can get such visual effects, or they use additional processing?
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