Indian boys, can you educate me as to why your scammers drop the word "sir" so much?

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    It’s the college culture, it forces you to call your seniors ‘sir’.
    I have few friends that still call them sir even after college
    It’s so fucking cringe
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    @frogstair yes we respectfully wanna scam the shit out of them 😆
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    @frogstair caste system is embedded in you.
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    I tend to refer to anyone who I don't know as sir or ma'am. It is a formal respectful way to address someone. If someone prefers to be addressed another way they usually tell you.
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    It used to be the normal respectful greeting in the UK and US as well, in fairness - things have just gradually become more colloquial to the point formal speak now sounds odd and uncanny in most contexts.
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    @AlmondSauce depends on what part of the US you're in though. I'm originally from a place where sir/mam is still super common in day to day conversations while talking both to your "superiors/elders" and vice versa. But it's weird going back and hearing it after moving for sure.
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    Yeah, I don't think you guys are getting what I'm saying. It's obviously fine to use "sir" but they use it at a comedic rate. Literally every sentence.
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    @odite Probably cause it works to an extent.
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