I’ve been hired by a company as a developer while I’m still working, what you would say to you current employer if you need to start in 2 weeks?

My current job is my first one as a developer, and they’re really nice so I hope I can leave in good terms.

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    tell them that you regret to inform them that you will be leaving, and that you enjoyed working for them.
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    @mghrist that way my option 1 haha but still felt bad for leaving without much much anticipation.
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    Immediately hand in a two weeks notice and recite the following:

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    @SortOfTested that was option 2, I was thinking on using anime dialogues as notice, they will be more worried about my mental health than me leaving.
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    Interestingly enough, most of my guys in Japan are more the rakugo type. Artsy fuckers.
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    @SortOfTested I had to search the term, that’s definitely a way to leave that no one will forget lol.
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    Tell them peace out bitchez.
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    "Thank you for the opportunity and time I had here. I will be glad to train my replacement before I leave, in the remaining time that I have."

    Keep it classy.

    That way you get to claim "training and management experience" on your linkedin profile.

    Always argue for a raise or role promotion before leaving. Immediate boost to salary negotiations when changing jobs. Has the bonus of creating an industry trend where bosses are terrified of being asked for raises/promotions, and may get into the habit of offering them at appropriate times like they should already be doing.
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