This is what f*ckin' grinds my gears to the max...

Today a family member asked me to help them with online banking so I agreed because they are really not computer literate.

I don't use the bank they use so the whole online banking website interface was new to me and I had to figure out where some things were.

The family member that I was helping was getting really annoyed because it was taking long (by the way it took me less than 15 min to finish helping them).

As I was assisting them the f*ckin' idiot had the nerve to tell me, and I quote, "I thought you were good in IT. You can't even assist me with online banking".

Honestly, WTF?!?!?! 😡😡
How does one even respond to such...

Anyways... This is just one simple example regardless of what field you are in IT, you NEED to be good with whatever tech gets thrown at you.

So irritating....😡😣

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    Your response:

    You are so right. I cannot help you. <drop microphone and walk out>
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    If they say such shit, tell them they're being entitled fucks and go away.
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    What was your response? I hope you weren't polite because he/she is your family member.
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    @hack To be honest I just kept quite and didn't respond at all.
    Definitely not helping them next time. That's for sure!!
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    I think Im gonna use the year 2020 as the official cutoff.
    From now on, computers have been around for so long that there is literally no excuse not to be computer literate. So if you come at me with that excuse Im sorry I cant help you. My granny is over 70 years old and taught me to play Zelda on the gameboy, whats your excuse?
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    At that point, I'd say: 'I'm helping you out here. I'm doing you a favor. If you don't appreciate it, you can do it yourself'.
    I don't care who it is, assholes like these don't deserve any help imo.
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    My family does that all the time.
    Fucking hate it
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    @LLAMS my dad is 77 and plays more games than I do, and my mom does video editing ;)

    So, yes, age is no excuse, and it never was.
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    @Voxera it's always just lazyness.

    60% of the "help" i ever provided to my sister, for example, went like:

    Me: "Show me what you're trying to do."

    She: tries to do a thing, popup alert shows up, she immediately goes for first close button she sees on it.

    Me: "DON'T CLICK ANYTHING. Read the message, what does it say?"

    She: *sighs to express that i'm obnoxious, then reads the message clearly explaining what she needs to do*. "So what do i do now?"

    Me: *repeats basically verbatim what the popup said*

    She: "Oh!", does the thing, what she was trying to do now works. "Thanks."

    Me: wondering if she's got one or zero neurons.
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    We got some new video streaming app thing, and my mum's constantly asking how to do stuff with it, and I always respond "I don't know, you're the one who uses this not me"
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    @LLAMS I'm right there with you! my grandmother at 90 is doing family tree research, accessing church book scans online, ordering fotos from digital images and interacting with us grandkids on Facebook and other social media.

    Compared to that, noone has any fucking excuse to not being able to operate their IT of choice and then being a bitch about whatever help they get.

    And from years in retail IT - it's not the fact that people need help with the simplest of things that makes it hard to tolerate, it's when they're being complete fucking jackasses about it that's going to kill your will to go to work in the morning.
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    @molaram no, users just need to stop being wilfully braindead. i don't subscribe to this approach of infinitely caving in to morons. there's a limit where we need to stop and say "just stop being morons, or if you can't, go work refilling store shelves or something that's appropriate for your sub-par iq, and avoid touching computers".

    because by endlessly caving in to morons, that's how you get idiocracy. do you want idiocracy? i don't.
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    Dumb people think being IT, means you know everything.
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