Guys, I am studying for my Master's degree but I am wondering if I should stop.... I mean... isn't that racist?

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    Isn't that the whole point? To become a master, so that you're not a slave anymore?

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    ItS cALlEd PRiMaRy DeGrEe iN 2020
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    @bioDan or a family degree, considering that the first one is called a bachelor!
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    ^ tho, then that would be single-shaming. :/
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    I think we should just stop doing anything at all. That's the one and only thing preventing others to get offended by our behaviour. 😄

    That's the same strategy I use with my gf. It's totally working. Yeah.
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    Yes, get a Main degree instead
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    Studying undergraduate degree... does that mean i'm a slave now? Oh... no... wait... we're all slaves, aren't we?
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    > The term bachelor in the 12th century referred to a knight bachelor, who was too young or poor to gather vassals under his own banner.

    The rank above knight bachelor is knight commander. So I suggest all MSc holders be called commanders of science.
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    @bioDan And Bachelor's degree is sexist? So what should that be called?

    The Zero-th Degree? But then Associates degree would be negative?
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    @billgates PeRSoN dEgReE. DuHh

    (I hope u know im kidding)
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    @bioDan yes I think this rant and well whole renaming thing sounds like a joke...

    Renaming things isn't going the kill racism, ...-ism.... Just a PR stunt to get enough ppl pissed so they'll keep telling about it...

    Which send was how Trump got elected... He really good at not shutting up...

    But maybe we'll grow tired of it this time...
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