Im one of the people who got laid off due to covid19. I was hoping to find work at the same salary my previous job paid me at the very least. A friend of mine pointed out the fact that since i've been in the industry a while that I could ask for a lot more than what I made. I didn't believe him, but since my wife agreed, I've been asking for double my previous salary. I actually got a job that met my ask. I'm glad to say that after being afraid I was getting in over my head, I can actually do this. Glad my friend told me my worth and I hope others have friends that can do the same for them.

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    I had a similar experience, with the difference I made the switch on my own accord.

    I was also very wary on what to ask for but ended up getting a lot more than I ever thought possible.
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    The same thing happened to me but 4 friends told me that before I realized they could be right. Glad some people actually care about us
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    Wow the ending of this story didn't actually turn out to be a mess 😲

    Tbh, glad to hear that! (:
    I can say I know how it feels to be that friend.
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    "Im one of those who got laid"...i thot this was gonna go in a different direction.
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    @Oktokolo needs more decimals
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    Congratulations !!
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    @Voxera thats great! I'm used to reading about imposter syndrome a lot but I never really thought that it described me.
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    @SolarStorm true that. There will be those people in charge of hiring that know our worth but they are too few
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    @WildPotato sure will! I'm just wating on this whole covid-19 thing to get sorted out. always good to give back to those who have helped along the way.
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    @akshar haha im glad it turned out the way it did too!
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    @hardfault thanks! really glad that it turned out well for me.
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    I stopped there to avoid getting near the error margin...
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    Yes that happened to me too. I got 3.5x salary bump.
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