In one of my first programming classes, I remember asking my instructor why "System.out.println()" has the periods between System, out and println. All I got back was a "thats just how it is". This really pissed me off and I ignored that instructor for the rest of the semester. Passed the class but since I didn't bother to self study either, wasted a lot of time resources. Hindsight, should have looked it up myself.

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    He could have just told you 'classes and objects come later'
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    You must be a sad programmer indeed
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    @alexbrooklyn In Java? Seriously? The very first word you write in Java is "class", that instructor should either start with functional language first, or explain classes if they decided to start with a strictly object-based language.
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    sucks sucks SUCKS!
    But, don't do the mistake of dropping the whole course just because of one teacher, like I did. I do these stunts under trained professionals that teach on YouTube. Your situation may vary.
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    @alexbrooklyn yeah that would have been a lot better.
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    They should have searched the docs for the answer on spot to show how finding out stuff works
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