My shortest naps are giving me the worst nightmares where I wake up before the alarm. These mostly consist of violence around. People running in groups with HUGE rocks to thrash onto others, violence on a daughter by her own family, people completely destroying terrace walls.

This needs to stop somehow. It is clearly influenced by the things happening around the world right now. I just don't understand how will we ever reach a point where there is enough peace. A point where humanity can be understood without baseless justifications.

Being a hothead maybe doesn't mean you need to heat it up every time before using it. Anger against any injustice can be put to really good use. But going around destructing someone's mental health or physical belongings and then later faking regret after knowing the truth is 😔

Please. "Look before you leap." OR if you've already leapt, think twice of the outcomes and what lead you to doing something so disturbing, so easily. Sincere apologies could convince the affected person to not jump off the cliff.

I swear the affected ones can be capable of equally powerful and destructive revenge. But they somehow manage to take the "there must be a reason" path and choose to see the good in everything. Sadly, this certainly starts with home.

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    We're at a turning point where there are too many people and not enough to do, but we're not yet evolved enough to realize this and just be okay with some people doing nothing. The world is one large automation effort short of having all its need met by machines and software. Despots are in the last throes of the old order where people were kept down by scarcity, doing their best to create it artificially to maintain their power.

    It's a scary time to be alive. The only real question is, can we move into the future where the world is stable and all our needs are met, or will the people trying to use any means available (religion, capitalism, racism, graft, violence, etc) throw us back into a new dark ages.

    The revolution will probably be televised.
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    People have been beating each other up since the beginning of humanity. And while there are currently dozens of armed conflicts all around the world, overall we are living in the longest period of relative peace the world has seen in probably thousands of years.

    That said, in my opinion, there are just way too many people on this planet competing for way too few resources. If we could get rid of, say, 90% of the world's population, the remaining 10% would have a much better chance of spreading out and living in peace.
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    @rutee07 😂😂😂
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    I've had this hypothesis for a while, that technological industrial progress really are link to population density, just as the saying goes "neccessity is the mother of invention".
    And that we only really realize the necessity leading up to during or immediately after Warfare, or major competition such as the space race. For example the Civil War resulted in Mass adoption of trains as Transportation infrastructure. World War II necessitated the highway system that we have today. It also led to the development of modern rocketry. Many materials and Technologies developed by organization such as NASA are now used today in homes around the world. Population density forced the development of Hi-Rise architecture. Which in turn prompted the development of Robotics for just-in-time delivery to cope with this density of people.

    Numerous possible connections such as these can be drawn.

    What do you think? Can you come up with some examples of your own?
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    @Wisecrack YEAH!! An example I can think of is the rapidly increasing amount of COVID-19 trackers.

    In all seriousness though, what you said makes sense and umm that is how it's always been.🦉 I think the amount of growth in technology is twofold with the passage of every year. Wonder if space travel becomes a reality that is economically possible for every human in the next decade.
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