So, we are a web development and marketing agency. That's fine... except now it seems that we are a marketing and web development agency. Where the head marketing guy feels it's his job to head up web development.

This is NOT what I signed up for.

When you offer web services to a client, the one meeting with the client should understand at least basic stuff, and know when to pull in a heavyweight for more questions. Instead, our web team is summarized by a guy who listens to 80's rock music in a shared office (used to be just me in there) and spends his days trying to get 30-year-olds on Facebook to click an ad.

He was on the phone yesterday with some ecommerce / CRM support, trying to tell them that they have an API, that "it's a simple thing, I'm sure you have it", and that's all we need to do business with them. Which is not his call, it's my call, but for some reason he's the one on the phone asking for API info. The last time I took someone else's word on an API, I underquoted the work and eventually found out that their "API" was nothing more than a cron job which places a CSV file on your server via FTP.

Anyway, we now have a full-time marketer and two part-time interns, with another ad out for an AdWords specialist. Meanwhile, I'm senior dev with a server admin / retired senior dev, and if we don't focus on hiring a front-end guy soon we're going to lose business.

Long story short, I'm getting sick of having a guy who does not understand basic web concepts run the show because he's the one who talks to the client.

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    I suggest that you, as the senior, step up and take control off the situation back. if you don't do anything nothing will change.

    Good luck :)
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    Haha good on you for using the new "rant" tag XD
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    I forgot the patronizing incident where he tried to micromanage my installing an open-source eCommerce system. When I tried to status with him by mentioning the issues I was having, he told me "this should be a simple thing, just drop it in place", then proceeded to Google for documentation, showed them to me, and asked if I'd read them. And all I could think was "well no, I've spent six hours installing this system and never thought to read the developer tutorials, thanks for that pro tip!"
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