I'm so, so tired of stand-ups. We have JIRA, and basically all we do is read the board—ticket number, ETA, blockers. We've done some Slack stand-ups, but my managers insist we all be in the room to communicate the same shit we communicate very effectively on Slack.

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    How long do they take?
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    @Gauthier half hour. I think it's mostly the time. It's the first thing we do and there's a hustle and bustle to get into work (NYC transit isn't nice at all), but the expectation is that everyone's there on the minute. I can leave my apartment a whole half hour earlier than projected by Google Maps/another navigation app, and have to sweat to get into the meeting, and 100% of the time, the meeting can be covered remotely, but that's frowned upon.
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    @spockthompsonjr I guess that stand ups are really important for your managers, but maybe you could talk with them about scheduling stand up a bit later in a day, so you don't need to get up so early to be on time?
    You're not wotking remotely, do you?
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    @mazabin Not working remotely.
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    So you still need to commute to work, the only problem is that stand up is too early? Really, talk with your managers/team/scrum master or whoever is responsible for this and explain that it's highly inconvienient (did I spelled that right?) to be on time to early.
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