Anyone here that is pretty new to programming? So many times when I try to develop something, I feel I can't develop it because I don't know how to start or where to start (choose lanugage, framework and so on). And sometimes I encounter problems i'll sit with in days without success and then I just give up. Any experienced programmer that experienced this and overcome it. How do I do?

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    Sounds like you maybe just need to learn more before you have enough knowledge to put your own ideas into practice.

    What kind of things are you trying to develop? That might help with your choice of language / framework. There is so much to learn that you can't learn it all straight away. ☺
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    Learning how to google your problems is important. Even when you get good at programming you tend to do it lot. Also, learning a new language is the hardest part, it's difficult, however, once you feel confident with it then it starts getting fun. For me, I found making a few simple/yet-interesting projects very useful for my learning.
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    a@kvsm I have tried a small game in Java and tries to use Slick2D and LWJGL, im stuck at getting it to work with Eclipse. I think I don't understand some concepts and It seems like I can't understand It all the times... I know a pretty good amount of Java, A tiny bit of C++, Weblanguages (HTML, css, javascript and so on).
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    Think of a personal project that's dead simple but still fun. Something that you may have use of in the future? (I made an extension for my code editor that counts the time I'm coding.)

    Don't use ANY frameworks to start with. You'll get a lot more understanding of the underlying language, you seem to be needing that.
    Also, frameworks contain a lot of things and also tend to be overkill for what you need. If that's the case they'll only slow down the performance of your product.
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    What @grosten said, plus game development introduces a whole other category of things to learn all at once (vector math, concurrency, and particularly in Java, going to unusual lengths to avoid triggering garbage collection).

    A better way to start might be a more lightweight approach to 2D games, using a browser, like this tutorial:
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    @jaberish @kvsm @grosten
    Thanks everybody, this gave me new motivation and alot of help. Man this community IS awesome!
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    I was in the same boat, so I made my own projects and found different ways of messing with data. Some things might be a little advanced, but staring at the code long enough gives you the ability to think in innovative ways.
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