I was asked the other day by a young dev why I prefer C# over Java.
So I responded by asking him why Java over C#?
Of course he replied "Its what we were taught at University"
Ah, well, there you go then, I wasn't.
Must be the grey hair, but I have seen so many languages come and go that they all look the same to me, so I just use whatever comes to hand these days.

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    C# is superior in Windows Environments, but since Kotlin exists with lots of C# goddies I kinde of stopped using it there as well.

    Now I only need it at work and there I pity the (Java) Android Devs. I hope the Kotlin switch goes through quickly, so they can get that syntax sugar too.
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    @p100sch I use . Net Core these days. Flies on Linux too.
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    @RobAtPaxMondeo It works fine on Linux, but I don't really like to use it on Linux. Just a taste thing.
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