Another oldie - apologies if it has been done before.
So there were these two developers in a light aircraft looking to land, but they were completely fog bound and had no clue where they were (I said it was an oldie - no GPS).
So they flew around for a while, getting lower and lower hoping to see a landmark, when they flew past this office building.
As they went by, they saw a single light on in one of the windows, so they flew around again and attracted the guy's attention.
On the next loop around, the pilot shouted "WHERE ARE WE?"
Then on the next loop around, the guy in the office shouted back "YOU'RE IN AN AIRPLANE".
They looped around again, and the pilot shouted "THANKS!" and set course south west for 15 miles and made a perfect touchdown at Seattle airport.
Hi passenger looked at him and said "How did you do that??"
He said "Quite simple really. I asked that guy a perfectly reasonable question, and got an answer that was 100% correct, but totally useless, so I deduced that must be Microsoft, and I knew that the airport is 15 miles to the south west"

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    lemme oneup you on this one, cause i heard one similar:

    A guy in a hot air ballon lost his orientation. He float deeper and sees a woman on the ground. he floats deeper an shouts to her: "Excuse me, can you help? I promised a friend to meet with him an hour ago and I don't know where I am"

    The woman on the ground replies: "You're in a hot air baloon in around 10m height above ground on 49° 28min and 11 sec north and 8° 28min and 11sec east"

    "you got to be an engineer" says the man
    "I am" replies the women "how do you know?"

    "Well" the guy replies from his baloon "everything you said to me is technically correct, but I have no idea, what to do with your information. As a matter of fact, I still don't know where I am and you just delayed my journey even further"

    The woman replied: "You seem to work in management"

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    "I do!" the dude replied " How do you knew?"

    "Well, you don't know where you are, nor where you're going. A lot of hot air got you in this position.You made a promise of which you seem to have no idea how to keep it and now you expect the people below you to solve your problems.
    You are actually in the same situation as you were before we met but somehow now it's my fault"

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