In my CS class I turned in some assignments recently. Two of them were extremely similar: one was to test if a number was even or odd, the other to test if the length of a string was even or odd. I completed the first one and then started to work on the second one and decide to just call the isEven method from the previous lab so I can follow DRY (Dont repeat yourself) and not have to write the same code again. I turned it in and she took off points for it. -.-

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    got to say that's bull crap, as a developer you are supposed to be lazy and follow the DRY principle
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    I left a computer science program for crap like that. Mouthed off in front of the entire class, and I don't regret any of it. The only point of programming at all is to turn mundane tasks into automated and reusable ones, save others the trouble of having to solve the same problems over and over. If we have to reinvent the wheel for every freaking task, nothing useful would ever get done.
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    @tytho yeah I reused everything I could, just about every principle/ methodology in development is based in reuse. the fact that the teacher counted off for it shows that they never worked in the real world.
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    I thought you meant css first and then you strated talking about the length of the string, I read it three times before I realised you meant c#.
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    @Numinex CS = Computer Science 😉
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    @veslav you might not want to be sexist, but you are. Don't. You've had bad experiences, whatever, I've met more than enough highly skilled programmers who also happen to identify as female; don't be an asshat about it, some of us want to actually be inclusive about what we do.
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    @Zaphod65 It's about teachers. Not the ones working at a company. And it's about the first year of college. So she probably got into the job with little knowledge because you don't need that much for the job.
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    I'm a moron with programming, and I know how ridiculously simple this is. Your teacher sucks.
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    @veslav yeah, that's not going to fly either, several of the lecturers on my degree identify as female and were, again, extremely skilled, both as programmers and teachers. Take your bullshit elsewhere.
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    @Zaphod65 you are being so offensive to me right now. Calm down bro. No need for calling names and saying I should gtfo. Who do you think you are?
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    @eldamir oh, well... Shit.
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