I'll restart this web server, it will take only 10 seconds.
After 3 hours.

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    Check your logs m8
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    Logs, it is almost always a stupid little thing
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    cat /var/log/apache2/error.log
    or access.log I don't remember
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    That's why you should try this on a staging environment before priduction.
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    KVM + Docker
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    Shut down Skype to use port 80 ;) or choose other port in apache ;) after you start apache on 80 you can start Skype ;P
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    @slishu Skype? On a production web server?
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    Yeah what the fuck
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    @TheHatBandit reading devrant will give you enough reasons to think that there is somewhere a srv with Skype ;P
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    We get so many to choose from and 80 always wins. I guess it's easier to deploy, especially when people hard code everything, but still.. I've seen and heard horror stories of sites going live way before they were meant to. The one I'm thinking of released a company name change because someone didn't close the port on Apache. it was super awkward. (Then they did it again about six months later...) #Dev2Prod
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    It does not make sense.
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