So, I want to start a blog where I can post the result of my research and showcases as tutorials... I though that if I'm doing it for my job, it could help somebody else.

What would you recommend me? Any advice?

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    Do it!

    Your work will get more exposure, you'll make contacts. Also it'll benefit your communication skills since you need to explain your work clearly to others.

    I'm planning on starting one too, so can't give you any advice on how to actually run it other than: Ghost seems like a nice application.
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    Really noble of you :)
    I'd do it if I were you :)
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    I am doing it, have been for years now... It is worth it. Not only are you helping others who might face the same problems, but people start to recognize you.... i.e. future employers ;)
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    You can make it in your github page, using jekyll or hubpress, there's a lot of tutorials out there.

    I haven't messed that much with it, but jekyll is surely to be fun to learn, and it'll probably give you a good first post talking about the experience.

    You can also look into surge.sh, it's great for static projects, jekyll would probably be a good fit for it as well.

    If you're feeling lazy, there's always tumbler. It's actually pretty customizable due to enabling the user to edit html and using shorttags for content.

    Good luck!
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    If you're clever dont start your own blog but instead share your knowledge on medium.com
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    @theZorgEffect How about both? Get a nice back link to your blog from medium
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