"Python is such a hard language. It has so many rules" - Undergraduate Student who sent out mass email to the class

*Professor makes the next assignment in ARM Assembly*

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    Well... I doubt they'd be complaining about Python again...
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    @KnightsOfCode Hey, atleast ARM assembly has few rules and very little syntax so it is very easy to learn.
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    Ha ha ha ha! That's rich! Reminds me of my professor.
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    Next time the professor should do Prolog or LISP that'll get them all talking
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    It'd be even better if he just gave them the datasheet and says "write a uart driver" with zero hand holding xD
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    Professor should teach them brainfuck
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    Brainfuck isn't even that bad to understand, the issue comes when you have to write any program of any use of significant size
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    I would say the next assignment should be the same UART device driver but then in hexadecimal opcodes :)
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    Nice response from the prof.
    I mean, you hardly have to worry about data types in python!
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    Stupid prof. Intel asm rules!
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