Being my first rant, I rant about all the stupid cry babies on this platform.

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    Welcome! Join our cries, brother
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    Welcome and good luck not joining Crybabies clan!
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    I guess that makes you a crybaby. Congrats you made it.
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    Geeez Louis! There is another one ranting about us ranting? Urghhhhh where are these cry babies coming from?

    >> Inception++
    >> Meta^3 or meta**3 (for python users)
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    YES!!!!!. I knew I would find people like this here. Hello all.
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    @nelson hm. You're not crying loud enough. Since I'm worried about rutee....

    And I need some evidence for @NoMad ....

    5 kV shocks free of charge for you for you the next days! Isn't that awesome? In theory you could code 22 hours a day...
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    @IntrusionCM electric shocks? That's your idea of a motivator? 😒😒😒
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    @NoMad hm, we'll never know if it works... *sad*

    But okay. I'll get the better motivators: Fresh cookies and free fresh grinded coffee and a good second flush darjeeling.

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    @IntrusionCM 🤔 why second flush? I like darjeeling!
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    me now
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    @NoMad First flush is very mild for my taste. I like second flush most.

    What's your preference?
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    @IntrusionCM 🤔 I just let the tea and boiled water chill for 5 mins, I guess?
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    @NoMad Just out of curiosity: You know that first and second flush refer to the time when the tea leaves are harvested?
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    @IntrusionCM no, I did not. Thank you for clarifying that 😬
    Then I have no idea.
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    @NoMad okay. That explains a lot. XD

    First flush is the first harvest after a winter (march to april). The leaves are young, as such you have a very mild and "flowery" flavour. Since the flavour is very mild, you need to be careful, since the flavour can be easily overpowered by milk / sugar / ... If the water is too hot or you let it brew too long, it will go wrong TM.

    Second flush is what u usually get only in stores. It's the third(!) harvest, the leaves are mature. It's strong in flavour (june - august)

    Inbetween (second) harvest is between first and second flush. Usually for blended tea / tea bags. (april - may)
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    @IntrusionCM ahhhhh I see! I knew different terms for it!

    As for my preference, it depends. I would say spring harvest is what I really enjoy, (that little hint of a small from fresh brew? Yes please! That little taste/smell you get at the back of your throat while you're sipping the tea? Yup!) but some mid-summer harvest as well is very tempting. However, I can't afford to be fancy so normal store bought tea it is for me nowadays 😛
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