Decided to swap ISP.
Arranged that my new ISP started today and my old one would end next week so I had some wiggle room for issues.

Today my old ISP just disconnected my house in the middle of the day.

Then my new ISP failed to connect me and _might_ have it fixed tomorrow.

Looking forward to working remotely over 5G...

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    Why did the old ISP disconnect ahead?
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    @asgs probably incompetence.
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    "I'm a very important person who works from home who currently has no internet so i should be credited for the time I'm down for you mistake" solved lol
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    When I did that once, I had a 2nd phone line installed with a working internet connection, and then got the 1st phone line disconnected.

    More expensive, but made sure I wasn't without a connection for ages.

    When I last tried it not that way, I had to wait a month between the old and the new, even though both companies involved was owned by the same parent company and used the same gear / cabling !

    One was 50% cheaper than the other..
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    Choose Russian SkyNet! The best ISP
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    @Nanos in theory both would run side by side as one uses standard DSL and the other goes via coax line.
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