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    This happens way too often, I'll call someone out for breaking something, they'll come over and point out something stupid I've done 😂
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    IDE is my brah.
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    @drecdroid your IDE won't catch logical errors
    Your brah will
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    But actually paired programming can be great.

    My college had us do it for every assignment. Took some getting used to, but really nice eventually. Establish some ground rules (don't grab the mouse!) and give it a try. You might be surprised!
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    "Where... ?"
    "Here ..."
    "I don't see !"
    "It's THERE"

    *few minutes later*

    "Get off your fuckin' dirty fingers of my screen!!"
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    @tomabolt that's why you should always enable line numbers
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    Even with line number sometimes :)

    module = {name : (function() {})()};
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    Man I wish I had that beauty haha
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