So, I have been working for a company XYZ for about 2 years now and for this 2 years, we are just two engineers handling everything. The job is becoming super stressful and time consuming, the founders dictates how the engineering team operate, ranging from choosing a third party service we are to integrate into the platform without letting us know and also study the api to see if it will be the most viable one to use.

Imagine using a third party service that you can't get through to when something is unclear?

I and my team mate has asked the founders to hire engineers so the work load on us will reduce, they said it's on their mind ( this request was made months ago), fast forward last week, we were told to start interviewing interns ( I don't have problem with interns working with us ), but what we asked for was experience engineers working with us but the founders did entire 180 degree of what we asked.

We have been asking for a QA Engineer for months and months now, all we get is we will hire one, and till now nothing is been done.

Following good software practice has been a problem in company XYZ, we have been finding it difficult to write test and documentation (this shit makes me seriously sick and hate myt po self).

On top of all this, the salary is shitty, there are no benefits, we are coerced into working during weekends (most times), and we are also told to work during our holiday, no single health insurance.

I think I have come to that point where I will have to say good bye ( but I am finding it difficult to do this).

Any suggestions ? Should I wait until I get another job and then I resign from company XYZ or just resign.

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    Interview for other jobs, you are in a bettet position if you are not unemployed.
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    Find another job and then resign. Made this mistake myself. I know, that it feels as if you can't stay any longer, but after months without salary you'll definitely regret it.

    Best of luck!
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    Give yourself a month or two longer, but interview in the meantime. When the date arrives, walk out the door regardless if you have another job lined up. Why? It sounds like you could use a break.

    Best case, you find something and they’re happy to let you start working three months later, giving you a month vacation.
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    @Root I really need a break, I have lost motivation to do anything related to coding, most times I just have to force my self.

    Thanks for your comment
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    Worst case: a few month vacation 😉

    I did this when I left Hell. It was difficult on my bank account and debt, but worked out well in the end.
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