I dont understand why I should me be in 4 meetings today. . Like y, when will I write your projects. ...

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    Because we wanted to see you, obviously
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    @Jilano yah after 4 meeting. . Employer again will ask where are we on this and that
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    @Killiancoder you tell your employer to join all those meetings to know where you are
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    Add fillers to your calendar to block time to get shit done.

    I can go 10+ meetings in a day ( not flexing here, shit drives me insane ) some days, in which I just mute myself and get my work done and chine in when necessary.

    The clock doesn't stop, but that calendar makes for a great "and where in the last sprint was I suppose to get something done" bomb.
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    @C0D4 That works well except if with a shared calendar. Then they'll see the "avoid meetings" from 08:00 to 12:00

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    @Jilano one does not simply share their calendar 😅

    Actually I'm suppose to but meh, you can book a time my calendar says you can not when you feel like it!
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    @C0D4 Fair enough! One can always blame a faulty memory/incompetence anyway
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