Why devRant is not open source?
I know that it has a Github issue tracker with a awful amount issues.
Wouldn't it be better if people could work on the platform to improve it since most of the devRant users are developers.
(Just a random thought i had)

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    Honestly, I don't think so.

    Devrant is simple. If we all could add new features I'm afraid it could quickly become "yet another social media" like many others.

    Let's just KISS it.

    If you want to build another frontend there is some unofficial API somewhere
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    @dmonkey i don't have any intention of building another ui for devRant. I am just curious .
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    Because it's the love child of dfox and trogus who founded this out of their free time. It's theirs. Not ours.

    However I would do like if dfox would recruit 1-3 volunteers to maintain the apps. As devRant does indeed feel a bit abandoned.
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    @heyheni yeah indeed
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    We should add all the users with ++'s over 10000 as git repo maintainers of exactly 1(one) branch:

    Without write access to master and develop.

    And with a maximum of one PR/MR every two weeks

    So users already emotionally invested in the network will have the option to fix one thing that really pisses them off per (sprint) and only dfox and trogus can review the fix and merge it which would grant the user a special avatar shirt with the text "Maintainer", "BugHunter" or whatever.

    This way theres little incentive to steal and launch a new fork

    No space to overfix every little thing

    No precedence for implementing *new features*

    And the motivation to do it at least once for the reward!

    Im not serious, Im just bored and thougth I would try to find a way for this to work.
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    @Hazarth that's a good idea actually..
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    @rocktim would be a pain to setup and maintain though
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    @Hazarth of course since the codebase will be massive.But then i also see platforms like dev.to which are completely open source and even the maintainers encourage the users of the platform to contribute. Sometimes even by writing short and easy to understand articles on how to contribute to their different projects under dev.to
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    @rocktim you asked if it would be better if we could work on it, I'm just saying that at most you can build another front end
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    Making software open source is only an obvious choice for a developer.

    Normal business people don't think like that.
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    @Oktokolo makes sense
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