I just managed to accidentally piss off the qa lead.

Is this the moment where I start to search a new job?

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    If a QA lead has enough pull to threaten an engineer, yes, definitely. That's just not a company you want to work for.
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    If you don't accidentally piss someone off, you're probably not doing anything...
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    Lol imagine being scared over a fucking tester
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    We don’t know the backstory though. If you just said “no u” when qa returned your task, it’s okay. But if you “pissed off” the qa by locking you and they together in some tight backroom and tried to rape them, it’s not a time to search for a new job, it’s time to search for a new country
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    I've pissed off more people than I can count at previous jobs - it happens. Important thing is dealing with it appropriately.

    If you've screwed up, apologise and move on. (This will happen - it's life.) If they bear a grudge, that's on them.

    If they've screwed up, then it depends how confident you are and what level you're on. If you're confident, hold your ground, be polite but firm. If you're not so much, go to your manager for advice.

    But yeah,don't be afraid of a tester...
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    I'm not aware of the dynamics of the company, but it wasn't any tester, but the lead.

    Anyway, I apologized and after all, he had to admit that I was right. For some reason, he couldn't see the latest.
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