I'll probably accept a job offer as PM - the first one that understands Devs :)

You can start throwing stones at me now.

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    I'm already there, trust me it's not that nice .... it's a lonely place
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    It's not that bad if you somehow still get to write code and engineer.

    If the above is still in your job description, it's usually a profitable career path.

    Hectic life, but worth it. Good luck.
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    Haha you believe you'll be the chosen one, the PM that finally understand devs?
    More likely, you'll finally understand PMs and struggle to do as good as the ones you knew :)

    (Or maybe you'll do a terrific job, I just feel like PMs are absolutely not appreciated on devRant, I try to compensate! Don't take it personally :) )
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    WAY too much hate at PMs on devrant. :/ Granted, they can be a pita, but so can any incompetent person in a managerial role.
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    Well the issue is that PMs and Devs largely need different skill sets and most devs (and PMs) aren't even good at the skill set they're already using.
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    Why would you do that? 😮
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    A PM that knows Devs is actually the most dangerous PM for Devs. That is what I think.
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