Project manager logic.

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    Doesn't allow the symphony to be changed in the middle of the concert. Unacceptable.
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    we should try to see how long the symfony takes with 20000 players.
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    @linuxer4fun could be a clickbait title
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    The conductor would be complaining about many instruments not being occupied (fuck my English. But its own experience. It can take up to 30 minutes)
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    As an expirienced orchestral/symphonic player, this is some what true. Although we won't play faster or slower, more people means more targets for the conductor to yell at
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    Our math teacher was doing the same thing. Trick questions like these were here to show us, that instead of calculating blindly we should think more about it. The guy making the caption probably didn't realize that.

    For example: 1 bread cooks for 10min in 1 oven. How long would it take if you used 2 ovens? Or when the answer for 'How many people are needed to change the light bulb' was not an integer and the correct answer was the \ceiling number.
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    @Alkotronikk but what if the light bulb is not on the ceiling?
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    A team of 40 experience devs takes 1 month to develop a project
    How much will it take with 20 intern when the project manager says it will be ready in a week?
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    Hmmm... I used to compose music by recording one instrument, then play it back and record another instrument, until 6 or so different instrument audio tracks were merged into one composition. Sure it is not ideal but definitely possible (especially if you are a one man band). From a technical perspective (and since we are all devs technicality is all that matters) the question does make sense.
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    it would take 40 minutes still, because people are people, and the symphony is one unchanging process that - lets face it - takes a certain ammount of time that you aren't gonna change

    damn project managers
    idek wtf im saying i scan papers as a job i've never had a project manager
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    @tomando a c c u r a t e
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    I prefer the example with the pregnancy:
    A project manager is someone who believes that nine women can give birth to a child in one month
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    Going by the same "logic", any guesses as to how long 9 women take to produce one baby 😊
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    @rkzo Depends on your arrangement...

    You can have 9 women pregnant at the same time, who will deliver the same output, around the same time, or you can cycle the 9 woman to have 1 kid a month for a stockless business...

    Imagine your running a ring of Ilegal child adoption, You have 9 women who are willing to give birth to a baby every 9 months for a fee and have around one request per month...

    If you get them pregnant one per month you will have no excess product.
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