I think the USER INTERFACE is vital for the success of any software/app

So for that reason , designer need to be highly respected😂🚶🚶🚶

I love to design and implement stuffs

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    I'm probably missing something here but shouldn't everyone be respected to some extent?

    Beyond that anyone demanding to be respected more seems....I don't think they're going to get what they're demanding...
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    @N00bPancakes here's a secret. Graphic Designers stick nearly every error to someone down the production line.
    If the business card is wrong, blame it on the print operator. The print operator will blame the cutting machine operator. And everyone blames the finishing department. 😄
    If it's really the designers fault he'll blame sales and the stupid customer. It's never the designers fault. 😎
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    Designer is important to keep the customer interested

    UX is important to keep the customer engaged and coming back

    Frontend Dev is important to keep the customer happy and provide the actions needed complete a journey.

    Backend Dev is important to process those actions and fulfil the transaction

    Sysadmin is important to keep the customers information from prying eyes and to keep the application alive - well somewhere between sysadmin and backend dev anyway.

    It doesn't matter who you are in this field, you are important for something in the customers journey, whether they are aware of you or not.
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    @Afrographics, you were doing so well until the last line...
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    Why do you put laughing emoji?
    Is this a post-irony? Huh? I'm confused.
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    For that reason, designer should be doing his fucking job. Importance doesn't deserve respect. Performance does.
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    @N00bPancakes "What?! Are you crazy? Next you're going to tell me I need to respect people working in supermarkets and delivery boys... Pfff!"
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    @C0D4 And cybersecurity people...? 😞
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    @linuxxx We scare those with devices running Facebook apps.
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    @Jilano Yeah, that'd scare me away 😅
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    @linuxxx somewhere under the SysAdmin banner for this example, not every place has a dedicated resource or they just outsource it.
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