It's been over a year since I installed elementary OS on my laptop and I still haven't regretted switching from Ubuntu. There were a few issues initially while setting things up but similar issues even used to happen when I was using Ubuntu.
The desktop shell of elementary OS is perfect for my use cases, its easier to switch between virtual desktops and the app bar at the bottom makes it easier for me to transition between my Macbook and Linux based laptop with ease.
The only major issue I found was no proper multi-monitor support.
The closest thing I found to the simplicity of this shell/distro was Zorin OS, although at this point I am just too lazy to try it out.
P.S. Feel free to mention your favourite Linux distro in comments 😁

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    No multi monitor support? I've never experienced that with any Linux distro. 🤔

    Edit: Since you asked, I use Arch. I was kind of forced to used Arch after Antergos died a few years back. Once you have the AUR at your disposal, there's no going back.
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    @olback I have seen a lot of praise about Arch Linux from online forums.
    Linux Mint is also mentioned a lot of times.
    Keep it up 😁
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    @olback "BTW, I use Arch" 😄
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    In my experience, multi monitor is only a problem if you are on an nvidia gpu and/or a usb hub. Combinations thereof or whether the gpu is hybrid rather than discrete (my two previous work lappies ticked all these) compound the issue exponentially.

    The rabbit hole is deep, and at the bottom you will find people today telling you to use drivers by "some guy" where the last commit is from 2014, with a readme saying they are looking for someone to take over the project.

    You'll find people on nvidia saying it works fine for them and you must be doing it wrong, but I can guarantee you that they aren't on the same hardware. I've even had a guy tell me it works for him, and we discovered he had unknowingly been on software rendering the whole time. At least his gpu fans were quiet.

    No, I won't stop ranting in replies.
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    I didn't know this one so I checked out their homepage.

    > Resistant to viruses.
    > Zorin OS runs on the same Open Source software that powers the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and more.

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    @ltlian wait, how USB hub can affect monitor support? 😱
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    I haven't had a linux distro installed for a while, basically since a few machines back. I'm thinking of switching back since I see no reason to stick to Win10... I've been debating with myself which distro to go for - there are just way too many choices!
    I've managed to narrow down the list to elementary, Solus, Zorin and a few Ubuntu flavours (Budgie and Studio), but I have a nigh impossible task to choose between them. Been at this point for a good month now...
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    @100110111 I did not know about Ubuntu Budgie before. Thanks for the mention. Looks cool...
    I came across Zorin similarly after a user on twitter mentioned about it some time back 😄
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    I'm on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon which runs fine. The scanner was nasty to install, the mouse wheel speed easier but still hacky, and that's about it.

    I had been considering Manjaro also, but I need shit to be stable, no RR update fuckups, because it's not just my own PC that I moved over to Linux.
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