Breakup really kills the mood to work for a long time eh?

I have a multiplayer minesweeper project in the works. It's great, everything is super slick. Using SASS, Node.JS, MVC design, WebGL... It's a super great, modern project and I am very proud of it.

But I just can't continue it. I open my editor and I just ignore it. I play video games, go outside... Anything except code. It hurts to see myself do this.

I have some great designs for it. You're allowed to play anonymously or logged in. VS mode and everything.

I was going to share the discord link when I launched the alpha... But I think maybe I need to start building a community now so that I can gain my motivation back.

Before the breakup I worked on it daily. I was learning new technologies left and right (SASS being the largest, and WebGL is the next frontier)

It hurts to see. Today after I get off work maybe I will try harder.

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    Agreed! Breakups suck! Totally kills motivation and creative energy! Take care of yourself and give it some time!

    Sounds like a cool project though! Can't wait to see what the alpha looks like!
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    You've got time. Don't force yourself to be motivated. It won't help.
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    pro hack: If you increase your activity you can trick your brain into becoming happy again. It needs to be every day so if you're sore just go for a nice walk. If you want to be miserable and unmotivated keep sitting in a chair
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    That's because your brain really needs to process what is currently going on in your life now, not how to make stuff work.

    Trying harder is most likely not going to work. You'd be much better off just taking some time to think stuff through. And why make a hobby project feel like a chore anyway?
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    Wanna see my list of about 25 projects at the same state ? ;p
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    @ArtOfBBQ Pro tip : Weed and beer will put you in a good mood, even sitting in a chair
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    Just a reminder that if that working on project brought you happiness before, maybe it would do it again if you actually would allow it to do so.
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