I was a tad drunk last night because the week was... more than exhausting.

I felt like a pinhata yesterday - pretty beaten up and gutless.

Woke up this morning still a lil tipsy and decided to just be happy and don't give a damn.

Decided to take a hot bath to get nice and relaxed.

My smartphone decided to commit suicide and slided in the bath tub while I was in the kitchen making coffee.... And water was still running.

:) Bye bye smartphone, no more annoying messages.

While bathing, I relaxed a bit too much I guess.

Felt a bit of pain but then so much better because something in my back "plopped" back to where it belonged I guess?

I managed to rip off the shower curtain with my foot since it was a very short moment of "fucking frigging shit that hurt".

During that moment I also created a great flood, bath room is still wet...

And the funniest thing is: I don't give a damn.

Smartphone is definitely dead, ordered a new one, will arrive next week.

Guess I should stay the weekend on the couch before I accidentally blow up the mansion.


I don't know where this good mood is coming from, but damn it has been a long time.

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    @rutee07 He probably bought the one from Belle Delphine. It would explain some of the things that happen, I guess
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    @rutee07 Here's the first link on the subject :D

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    @rutee07 No worries, I'm sure you got the most important part, i.e. people are thirsty, eh (also porn is the leading industry of the world)
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    I had...


    But I guess that's not useful for ya?^^^^ *hug*
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    @IntrusionCM I hope you didn't heat it. It says right there on the box "warm bad".
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    A fun day you've had.

    But why TF your phone was even remotely near a bath tub?
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    @Jilano at least she's fapable 🤷‍♂️ BD I mean
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    @iiii because it wanted to commit suicide obviously
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    @electrineer got it completely right.

    Had nothing to do with me being still half drunk.

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    @IntrusionCM TBH, I don't understand when people say they do some strange things while being drunk. I haven't had such experience ever, despite being drunk. Coordination issues - check. Some restraints lift - check. Totally odd and not normal behavior - nope, never happened.
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    usually when awake and drunk I'm pretty normal.

    But for many reasons, I'm in the morning a dumb chunk of meat (health issues).

    When I had my first hot shower, I'm getting awake and become reasonable. Before I'm really.... braindead.

    And odd behaviour? Is it now odd that you leave your smartphone somewhere because you might wanna read up stuff later?

    Or are we on the level that a smartphone is a sentient being and doesn't like the bath... or the kitchen?^^^^ (just joking)
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    @IntrusionCM nah, for me the behavior with tech is so ingrained that i would probably never allow liquids near anything. and the reflexes of leaving my phone unattended only in 2 possible places in the whole apartment is pretty well ingrained as well. (it's either on my desk or on the bed and nowhere else unless it's my own pocket)
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    This somehow interests me...

    I never understood how people could have such self restrain.

    I guess if you'd live with me you'd become quite mad^^

    When I'm unfocused or distracted, I'm very good at just leaving things where they are.

    Chaos is for lazy bums. Me big lazy bum.
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    @IntrusionCM I have such an oddball at home: my mom. She looks for her phone every day while leaving it in random places and always forgetting about where she had left it. And she seems to be always distracted by something and can easily leave almost anything as is and happily leave for another task while forgetting the former one.
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    @iiii sounds like me. but I'm not oddball...

    i'm lovable madness.^^
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