So, this is the story of my lay off from last organisation. It was just 4 months and i was getting good ratings in features development and overall timely completion. So, during this lockdown/Covid-19, one day out of the blue i and my teammate got a mail from HR to have a catch up. We were suspicious about that. My team mate was sure that it is regarding layoff but I was like we are doing well, why the hell they will fire us, and also it's only 2 of us who is handling the whole project, I don't think they will fire us; they are probably gonna discuss about something or may be covid situation. So my teammate was having his discussion earlier than me; after the discussion he told me that he has been fired, he tried to reason with them for half an hour but ultimately they asked him to put the papers.
I was bit scared, but still i was having hope that maybe..
So, the conversation started like this is the meeting..
HR- Hey, how are you. I thought if we can catch up a little?

Me- I'm good, what happened?

Tech. VP- See, we wanted to talk about your performance, from some past months you're not performing well and ...

Me- but i have been here just for 4 months and our team was the highest scorer in task completion last month.

Tech. VP- i know, i dont deny your technical capability. You're an awesome developer and technology wise you can achieve anything but your performance..

Me- ok, (to HR), anything will change your mind

HR- umm(silence)

Me- cut the crap and let me know how to put resignation via mail, bye.

And i cut the call.
The call lasted only for 7 mins, i was proud to not waste time on such assholes.

Such hypocrites are there...

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    Why don't they just cancel the contract and require you to resign? And why resorting to "performance" lies? That's really an asshole move on their side.
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    @Fast-Nop exactly, if they get their stuff done what other "performance" could they be talking about, pure bs
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    They wanted to fire with cause so that there would be no potential to pay any residual/benefits. If you fire, there's also no obligation to have first option callback in most shitstick bureaucracies.

    And yeah, it's a total dick move. It's one of the reasons I can't engage with any HR person without having thoughts of cathartic murder.
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    @matt-jd they prefer to call it the boot licking of managers and senior management. Damn, my performance is bad in that 😅
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    @rutee07 exactly that's what my teammate tried to reason with them, "why didn't they asked us to improve, why performance why not telling the truth as Covid and all" but even HR was adamant to fire, the bitter reality is that here HR has no powers they are just like puppet and this company is not a small company, it is a big company in travel domain.
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    Why would you resign and not let them fire you? What can they do if you don't resign, fire you?
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    @electrineer ++
    No reason for you to resign. If they want to (or must) fire you, that's on their bill. Asking you to resign is a dick move, as is lying about the reason.
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    @saucyatom Here companies do like this.
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    @kaggrwal I see, India. Big oof.
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