Expectation: arrive at work, everyone in awe of devrant swag, social status++

Reality: arrive at work, prod failing, get blamed, employment status--

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    As the production servers burn in the background, you can pop up your hood, rumble "my work here is done", walk out the door and never come back. They'll tell stories about you for years!
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    Don't show off bro. We will have it one day too. 😂 😂 😂
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    But the swag looks awesome!
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    Prod wasn't failing!

    Surely that deserves a coffee 🎉
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    @brod Irish coffee, cheers mate!
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    I want that hoodie :|
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    @Jase Ha I think your resume is safe. I tend to keep a low profile. You never know when THEY are watching. Shhhh
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