When another "front-end developer" appends the entire bootstrap CSS file to your templates because it needs to align two elements. To templates that never included any css framework cuz i hate them... Then he asked me for help because it did not work... I fixed an invalid CSS file reference.


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    I haven't had this happen to me and I hear stories like this and ... just wonder less about that person who did that thing (I think we understand them well enough for now) but ... what kinda org / context it is where these things happen.

    Like this flies at that place or they just do that all the time and nobody cares?

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    Wrong use of crazy socialist though 🙁
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    @Root I think as a given meme usage increases the original context matters less and the meme is just about displaying an emotion and the original context is all lost.

    One day after people forget we'll see some future developer post hitler_giving_a_speech.gif talking about how he lectured his coworkers on the right way to fold space or something .... and nobody will think twice.
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    @N00bPancakes Ha! Assuming people are even thinking "once"
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    Is there any reason to use a CSS framework now that Flexbox is supported everywhere?
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    @Jilano I'm am optimist.

    I'm also Business Cat.
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    @noonesboy I find them handy, just to get a similar look and feel to a thing UI wise.
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    @N00bPancakes Fair ‘nuff. I’ve worked on creating a personal boilerplate set of Sass files with baseline buttons, uniform padding/spacing, great mixins/functions, and a global master variables file that set a lot of baseline values for a lot of that. Has been super helpful. Didn’t happen overnight- just had a separate templated project that I could copy to new projects and dropped in improvements as I’ve made them.

    I’ve enjoyed it and was happy when I was able to drop Foundation.
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