I hate programmatic auto layout. It's such a mess! Simple shit like cells that can easily be defined in a .nib become spaghetti coded messes that violate every good programming practice ever. Want to recreate the same style of cell again? Good luck reverse engineering the hieroglyphics your teammate wrote when creating the layout by hand. Never mind a whole bunch of useless shit is done in code that could easily be defined via runtime attributes through the storyboard. But why learn a new approach? Cause job security. Or because for some reason Interface Builder tools are seen as "too hard" or "not scalable" to use.. fuck me.

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    Soooo true.
    Also it would help if xib files had a more eye friendly structure so one could edit them by hand instead of just using IB. Dragging, clicking and zooming all the time while the compiler is working to show me my @IBDesignable is painful.
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    There are some cases where programmatic contstraining is inevitable. I wrote a library once where I basically set insets of a table cell in the very base class by setting up constraints between contentView and table view cell's view. It's there for a reason... Most of the times the visual editor will do though...
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