There are some extremely competent, blind developers where I work. They have a tool that read screen elements out loud to them.

At first it was chocking to see they work with the screen off. It makes total sense though, however this thought never crossed my mind before. Their headphones serve as screen to them, which is pretty cool.

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    @nickpapoutsis good interview! I love how these guys stay upbeat despite their impairment. I got in touch with a blind c++ dev recently and he was one of the smartests devs I have ever come across during my carreer.
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    @Jase they use opensource text to speech tools which read the code very fast to them.

    They see with their ears, basically, and as such they have to develop their own methods to navigate and memorize code.
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    @matutter4 when you're blind you have another view of the world wich makes you take matters more seriously thus making you better at coding.
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    @Jase there are keyboards with Braille sign's as on each key.
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    @vringar A lot of blind people that i know touch type on a normal keyboard. As long as they can feel the bumps on I think the F and J keys they are fine.
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    @Jase They learnt Dvorak too... just in case!
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    Just noticed a *shocking* typo in the original post. Just a brief moment of blindness.. 😂😎
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    Thanks for the interesting link.
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