Yesterday, I was expecting my merge request to be closed.
I've done all the stuff my tech lead told me to do.

All tests passes, green light boyzzzzz.
Gitlab CI pipeline passes, greeeeeen light I said.

In Jenkins everything f*cked up...

Why ??

Well it was a conflict with 3 other MRs, missing rebase from other dudes.

And because they were remote working, got to clean up all this mess.

That's was a day off.

PS : well that's was not so off, I could fix a UB on a ternary and extend a test which was not covering some cases.

PS2 : learn git damn

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    Any reason for using jenkins when you already use gitlab ci?
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    Jenkins looks like askJeeves. Coincidence? I think not. Jenkins is Jeeves’ son
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    @Cyberman because Jenkins pipeline is the legacy but, all pipelines are not yet migrated and so we need to run both Gitlab and Jenkins. That's meeeh but it's a wip.
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