I've finally read "Reflections on trusting trust". I'd probably do it earlier if I knew it's this short. It's also terrifying. 10/10.


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    "The press must learn that misguided use of a computer is no more amazing than drunk driving of an automobile."

    lol... thought-provoking.
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    I don’t trust anyone but myself unless I must or because it’s something that isn’t worth the energy of caring about.

    If I miss something, it’s my fault.
    If I trust someone who fails, it’s also my fault for trusting them not to.

    If they’re an employee, there is a effort/reward/punishment system in place, so I can trust them to always work in their own best interest — even if that means laziness. But keeping tabs on their mental health is easier and more mutually beneficial than trusting some rando to not be lazy or incompetent.

    I’m cynical because I’ve been continually disappointed and/or screwed over my entire life.
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    @Root I think cynacism gets a bad rap, or has a "negative" connotation (probably spelling that wrong.) for many people, one that it really shouldnt.

    the important thing is to not go so deep that it is allowed to become bitterness, cynacism that leads to inaction is usually of this variety.

    cynacism that improves organization, *informs* action, and corrects process, is like zen you live it but you dont love it, because wanting things is a *worse* pain, expectations failed are too. and the buddha says "I teach suffering."

    when really he should have said "I teach caution and patience."
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